Meet Laura

Laura Fobler Author of The Parenting Struggle

Laura received a master’s degree in Psychology and has been working as an independent coach and trainer since 2005. In 2008 she was licensed as a Gordon® Instructor.

“During the years that I have been working as a coach, I got intrigued by the fact that hardly anyone was able to name true qualities of himself. Most people also lack a healthy dose of confidence. Apparently, despite being well intended, most parents need to acquire more knowledge and skills to make a success of their parenting. Furthermore, it became apparent to me that all my coaching clients needed to turn things around was acceptance, support and inspiration.

Raising a child is the most wonderful gift, but in order to reach a phenomenal result, parents need powerful tools. For my products, I have collected the best possible tools available. I have been inspired by a variety of people, like Carl Rogers, Thomas Gordon, Marshall Rosenberg, Aletha Solter and many others!”