Is Your Child Disobedient?

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Reviews of Parents

I am so much calmer now!

It takes longer before I get angry, we all benefit!

In my family, we have all calmed down in responding to each other!

The bond between my daughter and I has definitely deepened!

Somebody said: “I really appreciate you listening to me!”

I notice how people around me respond so positively to my new way of communicating!

This way of communicating definitely creates peace!

I don’t get worked up that often anymore, I feel so much more relaxed now!

I am now able to calm down an angry child!

My child recently said: “At least YOU understand me!”

I am so happy with the results!

I feel we now have a much stronger bond!

Please keep going, I received many an eye-opener!

I learned so much, every parent should go through this course!

In my family, we all listen to each other more intensely now, I really appreciate it!

I wish I had learned this when my children were babies!

I now briefly reflect before I say something, it helps so much to get effective results!

I never realized that a small adjustment in my speaking would generate such major differences in outcome. I am most grateful that I’ve learned this!

I now have all the tools I will ever need. It is up to me to start using them!
I wish all parents learned this!

My awareness improves by the day!

I am less often angry and I communicate more effectively!

Our children respond very positively to these techniques. The peace in our home and the ac-ceptance of their emotions work like a champ! Our children are allowed to have and express their feelings!

This should be compulsory for all parents. This could prevent many family difficulties!

I notice a change in both our children and children who come to visit us!

Our bond has strengthened, and we all listen to each other now!

I am so happy to have done this course, and it has made me a nicer mum!

Wow, many eye-openers!

We understand each other much better!

I am so much more aware of my way of communicating and this makes me very happy!

Please keep going, the results are amazing!

I have so much more consideration now for my children!

I learned so much, I now have a completely different view when it comes to parenting!

My children really respond positively to these techniques!

Extremely informative!

My spouse is very interested to learn this too, I think he should!

My children have started expressing their feelings more!

This is very valuable material. These benefits my whole family and I will personally benefit from these techniques for the rest of my life!